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DKL "Non-Abrasive" Griptape

SKU# 17-0020-03
$9.95 / Sheet


  • Qty:  1 Sheet
  • Color:  Black
  • Size:  9" x 33"
  • *also includes a sample sandpaper screen to help grip your board
    (1 per customer)

3 Pack DKL "Non-Abrasive" Griptape

SKU# 17-0021-03
$23.85 / 3Pack
save 20%     ( ONLY $7.95 per sheet )


  • Qty:  3 Sheets
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 9" x 33"
  • *also includes a sample sandpaper screen to help grip your board
    (1 per customer)

Tips For Applying

1. Use a sharp razor not already dulled by sandpaper

2. Trim at a 45 degree angle to create a tapered edge

3. IMPORTANT Sand down the edges using Medium Grit Drywall Sandpaper Screens

4. If possible, allow adhesive to set for 24hrs or overnight

The Lab

The Lab

DKL was founded by skateboarding scientists dedicated to solving the well-known problem of ripped up skate shoes. Skateboarding is expensive. You spend a lot of money on your shoes; why shouldn't they last?

We make griptape that won't rip your shoes. Because fresh shoes are awesome, and not being broke is also awesome.

How It Works

How It Works

DKL "Non-Abrasive" Griptape works like an indoor gym court while sandpaper griptape works like an outdoor basketball court. They both provide the same friction, but only one of them will cut you up if you try to slide on it.

After years of research, DKL Griptape isn't just non-abrasive, it's legit griptape designed for skateboarding. It's the first and only griptape that maintains the same friction and cost as sandpaper, with the single biggest improvement any griptape could have, it won't rip your shoes.

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